Merseyside Jewish Community Care - Registered Charity No: 1122902  Registered Company No:  6087087
Our social care services are provided by the Care Team and may include elements from one, several or all of the following points:
Person centered casework (personalisation)
Practical emotional support during a crisis or long-term
Making arrangements for home care and personal services
Referral to specialist social care agencies
Advice and assistance for carers
Arranging residential placements for respite or longer-term care       
Maintaining and co-ordinating clubs and activities to meet the needs of the community
Information, advice and support for people with mental health difficulties and their families
Information, advice and support for people with disabilities and their families
This year 624 client visits were made by Merseyside Jewish Community Care staff
Kosher Meals and Activity Clubs - our meals service provided 4,937 Kosher meals last year.  One part time Cook Co-ordinator and one part time Kitchen Assistant are supported by a team of Kitchen Volunteers.  They work to provide what may be for some recipients the only hot kosher meal they receive each week. 
Our weekly Lunch and Activity Clubs for senior citizens are held at Rex Cohen Court. They provide a nutritious meal in a social and safe environment. 3,069 activity sessions were provided at Merseyside Jewish Community Care's Clubs this year.
Another important function of the meals service is the provision of the meals delivery service whereby fresh Kosher meals are prepared in our supervised meat kitchen under the supervision of the Liverpool Kashrut Commission.  Volunteers deliver the meals to people’s homes on Wednesday and Friday each week. Kosher frozen meals are available from Shifrin House.  These can also be supplied by Merseyside Jewish Community Care to local hospitals and nursing homes.
Yom Tovim - Jewish festivals are celebrated during the year.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care ensures that the Lunch and Activity Clubs include a party and celebration meal at Yom Tovim and Ministers are invited to come and speak to the groups.
Examples of our celebrations include the Succot, Chanukah and Purim parties at Rex Cohen Court.
42 people booked to attend the Communal Seder and 64 Pesach Parcels were delivered throughout the community and hospitals this year.
We provide traditional food at the parties and through the meals delivery service, every Friday, a tradtional meal is delivered for Shabbat.  At Rosh Hashanah, cards, apple and honey are sent to all those who use our meal services.
It is these community celebrations that make Merseyside Jewish Community Care so unique and ensure that people, especially those with no family in Merseyside or those who live outside the community, are not isolated at these important times of the Jewish year.
Carers Services - 594 breaks were provided for 33 Carers over the past year.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care provides short respite breaks, support and information for Carers.
Short planned breaks enable Carers to cope better with the stress of looking after a loved one.  Carers particularly want to know how to access services and need signposting to appropriate local resources.
Hospital Visiting - The dedicated Hospital Visitation Teams have been supported by Mrs Carole Lewis and Mrs Michelle Beaver at Broadgreen Hospital and by Mrs Susan Goldenberg and Mrs Lorraine Coleman at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.  They have continued to work well on behalf of the community providing an effective and caring link between patients and Merseyside Jewish Community Care.  Please inform Susan Goldenberg at Shifrin House if someone would like a hospital vitist (name and ward details are required).  236 hospital visits have taken place this year.
Rabbi Pollak continued as Chaplain at the Hospitals and Rabbi Wollenberg will be the new Chaplain at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.
Resources - Merseyside Jewish Community Care provides support and training resources for staff, volunteers and other individuals/agencies who care for Jewish people.  We provide information about Jewish social, educational and rehabilitation activities and provide links with schools, synagogues, communal groups and statutory Social Services. 
Merseyside Jewish Community Care maintains contact with Jewish families who live outside of the Jewish community; those who may suffer isolation and need help in obtaining appropriate services.  Also, we work on a daily basis with mainstream Social Workers, health professionals, housing providers and residential establishments who support Jewish clients to assist with cultural sensitivity and understanding. 
Our links with the wider community have grown stronger as organisations have become aware of our services and contacted us to work in partnership with them eg Marie Curie.  I
Financial - Merseyside Jewish Community Care provides help with budgeting and other financial matters. Relief Grants of £13,864 (£14,194 last year) were given to individuals and families in financial need.  From July 2010, MJCC started working with Wavertree Citizen's Advice Bureau who has held morning appointments every Tuesday at Shifrin House.  This year the project has enabled eligible clients from the community to access £49,000 from benefits, allowances and grants.
The Gesher Group -  provides a support group for adults with learning disabilities, mental health, or stress related problems.  Individuals are encouraged to improve their communication skills, manage the symptoms of their difficulties and acknowledge achievements in their lives.  The success of this service has to be attributed to the professional team of volunteers who work closely with Merseyside Jewish Community Care’s staff. The group has met on 32 occasions throughout the year. 
Visual Support Group (VSG) - formerly Merseyside Jewish Blind Society (JBS). Merseyside Jewish Community Care administers services on behalf of the VSG throughout the year.  All our referrals include an assessment of visual impairment and where required appropriate support services are put in place e.g. shopping, transport, disability aids.  The VSG meets as a support group on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month at Shalom Court and has developed a strong core group of members who share information and advice.  VSG members have benefited this year from a vibrant programme of activities, outings and inter-functions e.g. trips to theEmpire theatre, musical entertainment, line dancing and keep fit with armchair exercises.
Jewish Women’s Welfare Society -This active and hard working committee regularly visits women in our community and provides both moral and financial support which enables and empowers them.  The committee works as a team and liaises closely with Merseyside Jewish Community Care’s staff team. Visits provide support and companionship and are vitally important for those without family in Liverpool or suffering from chronic or terminal health conditions.
The committee offers practical assistance such as lifeline telephones and funding for respite breaks for those in seriously poor health.  Many women have received improved quality of life due to the work of theJewish Women’s Welfare Society.
Shopping Service - 26 people who are unable to go shopping without support have been enabled to shop for themselves.  We have provided 246 shopping sessions throughout the year.
Transport - The transport bank service has been provided by Volunteers who offer transport, in their own cars, for Service-Users who need additional support to go to the Lunch Clubs/hospital appointments.  Transport services have been provided by staff and volunteers on 345 occasions throughout the year assisting 41 Merseyside Jewish Community Care beneficiaries.
Bereavement Service - The Care team and Administration team have worked together to provide this service.  In practice a letter and information leaflet is sent to the recently bereaved offering both bereavement advice and support services.  Over the year Merseyside Jewish Community Care has contacted 37 people regarding bereavement support services and 12 people have received palliative support.
Supported Living Scheme - Merseyside Jewish Community Care is operating the first Jewish Supported Living service for adults with learning disabilities in Liverpool.  This has been a positive new experience and the Scheme is proving to be successful in that our tenants are able to live independently and make their own lifestyle choices.  MJCC has identified other adults in the Liverpool Jewish Community who may wish to access this service in the future.  We are currently monitoring the development of the scheme.
There is considerable experience and expertise within the highly efficient Administrative and Finance team at Shifrin House, which gives confidence to the communal organisations we support.  Staff liaise with communal organisations and work co-operatively on Community matters.
Merseyside Jewish Community Care provides administrative services to several small charities.
Administrative Support for the Care Team - professional administrative support is a daily and on-going requirement.
Funerals - Merseyside Jewish Community Care has historically been the communal contact with the Local City Council ensuring that preparations for funerals can be arranged.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care’s staff arranged 14 funerals this year. In some cases the deceased may have no synagogue affiliation, relatives or friends.  Under these circumstances, we organise the funeral and ensure a Jewish burial.
Chevra Kadisha - Merseyside Jewish Community Care worked closely with the Chevra Kadisha co-ordinating and arranging all weekday Taharas and providing administrative support services.
Rice Lane Cemetery - Merseyside Jewish Community Care provided administrative assistance and practical support to the Friends of Rice Lane (701573) until the Charity wound up, 31 December 2006.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care has continued maintenance at the grounds and has established a new Friends of Rice Lane Fundraising Committe with Arnold Lewis as the Chairman.
We aim to keep the cemetery in an accessible and tidy state and to improve the security at the site by working with the local Police.  The Health and Safety programme to review the state of gravestones and a section by section clearance of blocked pathways between the rows of graves to make access easier and safer is still on-going.
At the annual site inspection of the cemetery and boundary wall, September 2012, it was reported that a crack and bowed section needed urgent attention.  A structural survey was carried out and sections of the wall will need to be rebuilt to ensure the securtiy of the cemetery.
Finance - Improved access to management reports and financial information has enabled closer monitoring and control of expenditure.  Managers are able to make decisions based on current and detailed financial information.
Computers - Merseyside Jewish Community Care has maintained its computer systems but the software has now become outdated which is causing some day to day practical difficulties.  A full review and investment in appropiate systems will be essential in the near future.  The Charity launced its first website which went live March 2011.
Training - A training programme had been maintained to support and develop staff, volunteers and Board members.  A rolling programme of training for volunteers ensured that courses in “Food and Hygiene” and “First Aid” were provided by Merseyside Jewish Community Care.  In December 2011, the Care Team provided a Jewish Cultural Awareness training course for a range of local organisations including the Police, PSS, Homeinstead and King David High School.
Due to the changing needs in our ageing community staff and volunteers have attended various additional training sessions including dementia, reminiscence, dignity tool kit and adult alerter.
New services identified by the community - These have been piloted over the past year with funding support from the Big Lottery Fund. "Come Dance with MJCC" started at the end of October 2011 and the "Feel Good Factor" (activity therapy sessions) for  senior citizens, commenced in January 2012.  Both these groups started with small numbers and have now established a regular core attendance.  Evaluation has evidenced that members have reported an improved sense of health and well-being since starting the groups, particularly those involving physical acitivity.
Members of the Board, the Chief Executive and the staff team are aware of their responsibilities regarding risk management and keep major strategic and operational risks under review.  Merseyside has an ageing Jewish population which is reducing in size.  As a consequence the Community’s financial resources are decreasing. 
It is essential that the reserves are increased and maintained as they will enable the future of culturally Jewish welfare service provision.  Services are supported by short term funding and it is only by maximising our reserves that we can ensure the long term continuity of provision.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care’s Reserves Policy is reviewed annually when preparing the Budget for the forthcoming year, as expected income from reserve funds is a key factor for consideration when planning future service provision.
It must be acknowledged that all the services above depend upon the support, time and skills of volunteers in the community.  Merseyside Jewish Community Care is totally reliant upon our team of committed and trained volunteers who make visits, deliver meals, run clubs, provide transport, shopping and administration services. Most importantly, they provide the link with the Care team ensuring that individuals and families receive support and services as required. Our dedicated volunteers have enabled us to make the most cost effective use of our resources.  We simply could not run our services without volunteer help.  Thank you!